Use 64 bit version of IE 9 when you want only text data.

Lately I have been noticing that the 64 bit version of IE 9.0 works at amazing speed when searching for data in text format. I am not interested in any graphics but would like to search for particular things related to programming.

So if you want to search only for text then remember to start the 64 bit version of IE 9.0

Installing Internet Explorer 9 Beta on Windows 7

Last week Microsoft made available Internet Explorer 9 Beta for public availability and it has a host of new features and some of them are interestingly tied to the OS as explained in a previous blog entry.

As it is beta software it is best to install it on non-productive desktops so as to minimize the risk of corrupting the desktop when your important day to day applications are installed and vital data is there.

I thought to give it a try on my Windows 7 computer but as soon as the download finished I was redirected to this website and asked to install a couple of updates.

This has not been mentioned before you download the application and I wonder why this is so. So to be on the safe side, I installed it on Windows 2008 R2 hosted in Oracle Virtual Box. but strangely enough I was not redirected to this KB article even though there is an update for Windows Server 2008 R2. Wonder what is going on.

FAQ about the ASP.NET Security Vulnerability

As most of you know that there is a critical flaw in the Cryptography library for .NET and it affects the websites hosted on IIS.

Scott Guthrie had explained about this issue here.

The latest is that he has raised all questions/issues in a FAQ. Read it here.

Best for all of you (ASP.NET Web developers) to ensure that your web config maps all custom errors to a single error page.  It is not enough to simply enable customErrors.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta

The exciting news on the Microsoft Platform is the release of the beta version of Internet Explorer 9.

Yes it is now refreshed and comes with a new set of intuitive features which will appeal to all.

“People go to the Web for sites, not the browser, much as they go to their PC for apps, not Windows.”

That’s what Microsoft Corporate Vice President Dean Hachamovitch told attendees of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) 9 beta launch in San Francisco this week.

One of the new features is that IE 9 Beta integrates tightly with the desktop and the change is more evident in Windows 7 and that is because the Task Bar acts as an application launcher and that is where the beauty of IE 9 shines.

To read on how to make your website work well with the Task Bar on Windows 7 (a.k.a. make your website an application on Windows 7) see this link.

Windows 7 finally done with

Finally Windows 7 is done with and will be available for MSDN and TechNet subscribers on Thursday 6th July.
Waiting to grab my copy and then move my development environment to Windows 7. Also waiting to see what the final version will look like and will there by any final suprise in store for us.
So if you are  a MSDN or TechNet subscriber then you know what has to be done on 6th. Please no pressing F5 continously and hammering the download servers.

All that you wanted to know about Azure but didn’t know where to look


Have you wished that you wanted to know what (Azure) cloud computing is all about but can’t find the information in simple layman’s language.

Look here for this article that explain in a clear precise way.

Accessing your SkyDrive account from the desktop


Do you love the 5GB (soon to be 25GB) of free online storage provided by SkyDrive, but wish you could access it browser-free? That’s the promise of a new application called Gladinet, a desktop software program that delivers web applications and online files to your desktop. With Gladinet installed, online storage sites like SkyDrive and others become available through Windows Explorer, where they exist as a virtual drive.

Gladinet provides an application on your desktop that enables you to map SkyDrive to your list of networked drives.

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